Words of Wisdom! 

1. Don't forget this tradition!!!


**It is tradition for a bride & groom to get each other a gift before the wedding**


  • When? It can be the night before, you can hide it some place where he will be getting ready on your wedding day, or make arrangements with the Best Man and give it to him to give to your Groom. Give it to ME to give to him!


  • What? It can be extravagant or something small, but most importantly, something sentimental.  A poem, a card, a sassy picture of yourself, personalized hankie, something for him to wear on your wedding day or something to look forward for the honeymoon...limitless ideas!


  • Is he/she getting me a gift?? With budgets being a bit snug at this point, some bride and grooms do not do this. You can talk about it beforehand with him/her to make sure you will be exchanging gifts.  This is a perfect thing to have your Maid of Honor/Best Man "casually mention" to the Groom/Bride. 


2.  Say this to yourself and think about it: This is the first event you will be hosting as man and wife…make it a good one! The wedding ceremony is for you, but you throw an event for the guests. Keep their every need in mind. If the wedding is everything you want, but nothing your guests would enjoy, they will not leave saying, “That was the best wedding ever!” which I know you want..

3. Always get a receipt and use credit cards if possible!

4. Make a memory. It goes by so quickly...the planning, the day of, it goes by like a blink of an eye. Try not to let little things stress you out and ruin the process or day of for you. It will be over before you know it and the last thing you want is to remember the biggest day of your life with a crinkle in the memory. When you are at meetings, getting your hair done, walking into your reception for the first time, dancing your first dance, walking around with your husband and wife at the reception…stop, take 300 mental photos, you will thank me.