About the Gown

Trying on gowns. Bring......

          -heels the same height as you plan to wear on your wedding day.

           -different type of bras; strapless, bustiers, with straps... to try on all  types of dresses.

           -no shame and wear panties! You will be in the dressing room with the bridal shop specialist to help get you in and out of the gowns.  You would be surprised some of the stories i hear from  embarrassed brides...


  • Order at least 8+ months ahead of time to avoid the "rush order' up-charge. Bridesmaids 5-6 months ahead.


  • Be aware of "inclusive deals" that will throw in the veil, shoes, accessories, etc. for free. Nothing is free! I once had a bride tell me she had an "all-inclusive" deal at a shop  where she bought a dress for $1800 and they gave her the veil, gloves and garter for free.  After a little research, the dress she bought retailed for $800 and the $200 in accessories just cost her $1000.


  • Be prepared a down payment of 50% will be asked. Some shops offer discounts for paying the full cost up front. Do not do this. What if the place goes out of business? What if they get it wrong and are not willing to cooperate?


  • Pay for everything on a credit card in case the place goes out of business.


  • Tell the sales consultant your budget, and do not try on anything outside of that. Why fall in love with a gown you can not afford? This should not be torutre, It should be fun.


  • Even if "you know" what kind of gown you want, try on many different kinds. You are not in a hurry and you will be surprised what you fall in love with!


  • They will ask what you like and bring you dresses. OK! but make sure you cruise around the store and pick some out also.  You will see the stuff they bring you is the most expensive & newest.


  • Beware of Sticker Shock: If you find a gown you love, write down style #, color, and designer and see "budget tips"


  • Always make appointments! Always call if you have to cancel!


  • Be weary of internet prices. Do your research and educate yourself on the company, reviews, and products.


  • Be weary of "discount", "outlet" or "warehouse" stores. Sometimes the replica designer gowns are made with worse material and the same price, if not more, than the designer gown. Do your homework.

  • When choosing your gown, remember your season, theme and colors. If you are having a summer wedding, gloves, long sleeves, or heavy fabrics won't fit. If your wedding is white and black, do not get an antique, cream colored wedding gown. etc...


  • White is not the only color. If you are very pale like Snowwhite, a very light blush or cream will highlight your skintone, but white may wash you out. If you have exotic tan or olive skin, a cream will bring out the tones, but may wash you out if you have light hair. Dark hair, go for it!  If you a delicious chocolate skin color, white may contrast too much, so go for a antique or off-white with gold undertones to highlight your skin.


  • Consider, please consider, the colors of the church/ceremony location and reception venue when chosing your maids' dresses. Red carpet with orchid dresses...YIKES.


  • Have fun! If being a bride hasn't quite hit you yet, it will when that first dress is slid on!


  • The RECEIPT IS YOUR CONTRACT-Make sure your gown, bridesmaids' gowns, MOB/MOG, etc. has all of the information, costs, taxes, sizes, rush fees....

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