Shape Up

Here is where I need to say, consult a doctor, do not listen to me, this is only from my own experiences. Here a few things I always recommend:




Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel

I bought the audio from itunes and listened in the car. She makes a lot of great points and opens up your eyes! A great book or audio for someone needing help focusing on not only a diet, but a new way of looking at food.  This explains what I meant by, "when I stopped obsessing, is when I became the healthiest. " Great read!


Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman

A bride & groom told me just recently about this book and I am very thankful! (thanks M & K) What an amazing read. It really opens your eyes! Some parts are Laugh out Loud hilarious. and all of it is definitely shocking. It un-sugar coats everything you have learned about diet & food.





This is not for the weak at heart. It is TOUGH! It is a 90 day program designed for for those who need to lose a lot of weight and those who need to just tone up. It is expensive, but it can be found on Ebay. There is a ladies' version and men’s version on the set and it comes with a diet plan. My husband and I did this before our wedding just to "tone up" for our Hawaiian Vacation. Ladies, if you are already in shape, you may want to use lighter weights than what they call for. I actually stopped half way through because according to my husband, I was getting too toned. For the men, put it this way, I still drool over those pictures of  my dearest from the honeymoon, which is why my husband probably still does this, 90 on and 90 off.


Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

I wouldn't call it a "shred" but it definitely does tone. There are 3 levels and you work way up throughout the 30 days. Definitely leaves you sore even if you are in the best of shape. Wanting to tone up for bathing suit season, I did this for 60 days and was satisfied.


Jillian Michaels Killer Buns & Thighs

Could not walk after doing this the first few times. Love it! Serious toning!


At home Tricks:


Cellulite Smoothing Mask:

I did this and reviewed it on my blog. Wow. It definitely is not a long term solution, but it works!


Lose inches Body Wrap:

Just tried this and it will be on the blog. I saw it in Woman's World Magazine and had to try it. I can say that I do not have much to lose, and I lost 5 inches.




Clean Organic Eating (i.e. no junk food & fresh organic vegetables)=Glowing skin!


Stop dieting

The best tip I could probably ever give to lose weight, is to STOP DIETING! When you diet, you automatically go into this mindset of "I'll start tomorrow", "Just one, just one cookie!", and "Well, I ruined the day, I'll just binge". Stop, live your life and forget about food. Eat when you are hungry, don't eat when you are not, and listen to you body.


Food is for energy, not for coping. When you are not on a diet, nothing is off limits. When nothing is off limits, you could have those cookies anytime you want. When you can have them anytime you want, they are nothing special and you do not binge. You can wake up, have a cookie for breakfast and be satisfied. You do not need to eat 10 and get every last crumb in because you are "starting tomorrow."  If you want a piece of chocolate, eat a piece, but do not eat the whole thing. Have the cupcake, but go easy later in the day. I use a 1/2 teaspoon of regular sugar instead of 5 teaspoons of sugar substitute in my cereal because it will satisfy me more and hit the craving! You don't need to have anything off limits because you are not on a diet, which means you are not depriving yourself.



Simply put, the secret to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. Keep in mind, working out too hard burns a lot of energy, so you become much hungrier! Meeting with a nutritionist or dietician to figure out just exactly how many your body burns in a day is key, here. If you are serious about not just losing weight, but making a lifestyle change, this will really help! You can make a plan and get on the right track!



If you can fit it in before work, go for a walk for 30 minutes. Working out in the morning, whether an exercise dvd or just a little walk, revs up your metabolism for the day and boosts your energy. Try to fit it in whenever you can. Adding a 30 minute spurt of movement to you day burns calories, works your heart, and keeps you healthy! Start by just walking. Then, add some spurts of fast walking. Start jogging for a minute, then walking for 5. Keep adjusting the intensity and soon you'll be running for miles and feeling good. I say this in the beauty tip section,  but exercising makes your skin healthier and  actually gives your skin a glow.


Never Skip Breakfast

It's important to get those morning calories in because they fuel your body and your brain for the day! They speed up your metabolism for the day and gives you more of a chance to burn them off.


5-6 small Meals a day

Ok, this is in every magazine, but it is true. Keeps your metabolism up and keeps you one step ahead of your hunger. Golf ball size of almonds, half a sandwich, yogurt…


Green Tea & White Tea

Both have been shown to be great for weight loss, but for me, this is my accidental secret. I drink tea all day everyday. (Watch out, caffeine!)  I cannot get enough. After breakfast I can not wait to have my cup of tea. I add a stevia for sweet treat. I drank so much green tea that one year pants were too lose and couldn't figure out why. Oh, probably the 5 cups I was having a day. Adding one or 2 cups a day really could do the trick for a speedier metabolism.

(Be careful, green tea is naturallt caffeinated and also is said to affect birth control pill effectiveness.)


-(minus)500 calories a day=1 pound a week.

Does this seem hard? No, it is not. Keep track, if you do not already, of how many calories you eat a day. You will be surprised. Simply switching from sugar to stevia, skipping on the creamer in the coffee, using 1 tablespoon instead of 4 of ketchup or going from 4 slices of white bread to 2 slices of wheat bread could be all that it takes.

(Never attempt to lose more than 1 pound a week! This way is healthier, gives your skin time to adjust, and is more likely to stay off.)


Watch what your drink!

If you drink tea or soda, switch to sugar-free. Did you know one can of soda has something like 100 calories? What? Yes! Lattes, fruit juices, flavored water, Gatorade, wine, beer, martinis…what happen to yummy water? Nothing to me is better than a glass of ice water. Ps-Your body uses energy and burns calories drinking cold water! A glass of warm water lowers appetite.


Water Yourself!

The more water you drink, the more your body lets go. Honestly! When you don't drink enough water, it holds on to the water it does get because it fears a drought. This goes back to those crazy, bad-hair, cave-man days.  If you are constantly drinking water, your body doesn't feel the need to hold on to it because there is an endless supply. Not to mention, it flushes those toxins out your system.



If your liver is not clean and healthy, it can't function properly, which means you cannot lose weight as easily. Regular detox tea is available at health stores and it is yummy! I am fan of the sugar detox! When it gets to the point where 2 stevia are not sweet enough, I go a week or 2 without any sweet of any kind. When those 2 weeks are over, just a fleck of sugar will make you pucker your lips.


0 carbs? No way!

I have done that Atkins Diet in high school, boy is that miserable and stupid. No carbs? Your body NEEDS carbs, but lowering them to under 20g a day is ridiculous. Lowering them in general, not too bad of an idea. Instead 2 slices of bread, how about one? Instead of 1 cup of pasta, how about 1/2 cup? Instead of chocolate cake, how about a low-sugar chocolate popscicle? Too many carbs can add on pounds. Too less, however, can make you very sick. It also says to only eat protein. Hmm, what? Well, if that isn't a way to clog your arteries!


Eat More Protein

No, not hamburgers and steak! More like lean protein like almonds, veggie burgers or tofu (remember I am vegan, here). Your body burns calories and uses more energy to digest protein, so make sure there is some at every meal!


Apple Cider Vinegar

Water weight, don't you hate it? Mixing a tablespoon a day of this into a glass of juice or ice tea can help get rid of that pesky water weight. Do not do this for more than a few days! It is very acidic, so be careful and do not drink it straight.