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Please Keep In Mind

  • Prices are constantly changing & these may not be up to date . We do our best to keep them as up to date as possible with those that send us updates., but pricing does fluctuate constantly. 

  • There are thousands of photographers with new talent popping up every week, but these are our favorites that we have worked with numerous times and can stand behind their work. That doesn’t mean if you like one that is not on list, they are not a wonderful photographer!



Natural Light and Romantic Photography

Think Martha Stewart Magazine & Style Me Pretty

​***=Our Favs!!

KT Merry***

Custom - Luxury

Kate Headley Photography***

Starting At $12,000+


Abby Jiu Photography

Starting At $12,000+

Katie Stoops Photography

Starting At $12,000

Jodi Miller Photography

Starting At $10,000+

Abby grace Photo***

Starting at $8,500+

Caitlin Joyce***

Based in Australia-Travels Worldwide

Starting at $8,000

Liz Fogarty Photography***

Starting at $6,800+

Laura Gordon Photography

Starting At $8,000.00

Michelle Lindsay

Starting At $7500+

Love & Light Photography

Starting At $6,000+


Abby Grace Photography***

Starting At $6,000.00

Audra Wrisley***

Starting At $6,000


Brandi Smyth

Based In The South-Travels Worldwide

Starting At $7,000+


Love By Serena

Starting At $6,000+


Manda Weaver Photography

Starting At $5,000+


Lauren Myers

Starting At $6,000


Krista Jones

Starting At $6,000+

Hannah Lane Photo***

Starting at $6,000+

Dana Cubbage***

Based in Charleston, Sc-Travels Worldwide

Starting At $5,500 + Travel


Alysia & Jayson Photography***

Starting At $5,000+

Michael & Carina

Starting At $5,500


Saturated Color& More Contrast Photography

Rather Than Natural Light, They Depend On Their Flash

Dani Leigh Photography

Starting At $6,000+


Rachel Smith Photography

Starting At $3,800-$6,800


Ashley Michelle Photography

Starting At $5,000+


Carly Fuller Photography

Starting At $5,500+


Love Life Images

Starting At $4,000 For 8 Hours


Lauren C Photography

Start At $4,000

Emily Chastain Photography

Starting At $5,000+

Ashton Kelley Photography

Starting At $4,060

Artistic Imagez $

Starting At $2,500




Unveil By Alumbra


Danielle Pictures





Starting At $3,500 - $12k+


Lee Russell Films***

Starting At $2,500+

Ryan Geldermann  Cinematography ***

Starting At $5,200.00



Starting At $2,000


Shutter & Sound

Starting At $3950

Ryan Geldermann's Second Company

For Those On A Budget


Readyluck Photography

Starting At $3,450

Mpa Productions

Starts At $3000+

(843) 737-3266


Monachetti Films***

Michael Eller

Eed $4k Special


Tree Of Life Films***

Starting At $2,500+


Just Hitched Films

Starting Around $1,800

Budget Friendly

Human Being Productions

Starting At $900

*Not A Cinematic Experience, But A Solid Product For Those That Do Not Want To spend a lot here


[Fun Memories]


[Photo Booths]



Open Photo Booth & Video Booths


Slow Motion Booth


Shutter Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth, Video Booths





Patricia Bennett Studio***


5600 Wexford Road, Apt 1,

Baltimore, MD, 21209


Andrea Greenlee***



The Event Painter by Joan Zylkin