Groom's Guide to a 

Happy Bride


Don't forget this tradition!

  • It is tradition for a bride & groom to get each other a gift.

  • When? It can be the night before, you can hide it some place where she will be getting ready on your wedding day, or make arrangements with the MOH and give it to her to give to your Bride.

  • What? It can be extravagant or something small, but most importantly, something sentimental.  A poem, a card, jewelry, something for her to wear on your wedding day or something for your honeymoon…limitless ideas! With budgets being a bit snug at this point, some bride and grooms do not do this. You can talk about it beforehand with her to make sure you will be exchanging gifts.  

  • Whether or not she gets you a gift, she should get one from you. Don’t be hurt if you do not get one either, that doesn’t  mean anything. She is busy planning the biggest day of your lives, she is checking vendors, finalizing details…etc. She has probably starved herself, colored her hair, plucked and tweezed, gone through hours of painful hair tossing and curling to look good for you, that is her present, haha. Trust me, when you see her walk down the aisle towards you, that is all you will need.


Romantic gestures

  • We know that this may be one of the last things you want to do, but research dance classes and then suggest to your new bride that you both should consider taking a dance lesson or two!  (My favorite companies are listed under “vendors”) She will be thrilled and you will be happy on your wedding day when you are dancing in front of a huge crowd and you managed ot to tear her dress off by stepping on it with your two left feet! Think about what you want to dance to and then tell her that you’re already thinking of what songs will make a great first dance and/or even other songs you think the band or DJ should play.


  • One Wedding I had a groom secretly  learn a choreographed dance with 4 of his friends to the bride's favorite N'Sync song. It was hilarious and it made the bride cry more happy tears than I have ever seen. How much he must love her to embarrass himself,  convince his friends to embarrass themselves,  in front of the entire wedding. Not to mention the time and effort he put in to it.


  • Plan a surprise for the reception like fireworks or special music. Write her a poem and read it to her in front of your guests, get her a a special new gift, surprise her by bringing pictures of a relative that has passed away to the reception, look up love quotes or sonnets and read them to her.


  • Write special & endearing notes to your father-in-law and mother-in-law, thanking them for everything they’ve done, especially for creating the most amazing woman in the world, WITHOUT her knowing.


  • Bring her home flowers just because you love her so much and appreciate everything she is doing to make this the best wedding ever!


Bridal Celebrations

  • You need to make sure someone is planning her bridal shower. DO NOT ASSUME. (You don’t need to be involved, but keep an open ear to make sure someone has taken the lead and planning is underway.) Be sure to offer to help surprise her or take her to the party. Offer your opinions and ideas to make sure this day is very special for your bride. If no one is offering to help, take a stand and ask her bridesmaids. You should be her knight in shining armour in every way. Chip in to take it from cheap to lovely.


Register Together

  • Yes, we know most of you hate shopping. But you are expected to go with your fiancée to register, and yes this is a big deal and yes it will take hours. What helps is to make a fun day of it! Plan out where you are going to avoid sales or crowds and then plan to have lunch together and enjoy getting ready to set up this new life together. Keep in mind the gifts are FREE so enjoy this! Register for things you would never splurge on for yourself and keep an open mind, you can always return it should you decide you will never use that ice cream maker and glow in the dark snack trays. Also keep in mind once you have the major stuff down, most stores allow you to add items on line, making this a much easier process.


  • If you don't think you need any household items, then register for something you need...YOUR HONEYMOON! This is a great way to get the trip you want and any extra money can be rolled into your next trip and even the one after that!  Check out 'register' in the 'lovebirds' section for unique ideas!



Know the "No No's"

  • You need to know that you’re not inviting your ex-girlfriend to the wedding, and no, it is not appropriate to even ask. (Ok, Mr. Geller?)


  • You need to remember that YOUR mother is not in charge of planning the wedding! Make sure you are there to make a great BUFFER for your new bride. She is planning this big event and keep in mind that she is hearing thousands of demands, thoughts and opinions making her nuts. Keep anyone from ruining this wonderful time for your new bride. 


  • And NO, referring to your wife as the future "Old Ball & Chain", Cell Mate, Prison Warden, Captor or anything that refers to her as someone who is ruining your life, stopping your life or killing you, is not funny.


Play Nice

  • You need to understand how stressed your fiancée is with planning this wedding and nicknaming her bridezilla is, although funny and maybe a little true, is very hurtful.


  • Understand that women are dreaming of their wedding day from when they are little girls, to women. This day needs to be flawless and exactly as she imagines it. Help her to understand in a nice way that the fact that the shade of pink is slightly off on the cake doesn't not matter as much as the rest of your life together. Besides, no one will notice anyway. Keep your eye on the whole picture and keep reminding each other that in the end what really matters is you have a great time with each other.



Be Involved

Nobody wants to stuff the invitation envelopes or pick up the favors or return duplicate gifts. But if you offer to do it as a team, or for her,  it will lessen the stress on her and you. Not to mention, make her smile .




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