The Infamous Bachelor Party














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So...statistically speaking and from experiences of being a planner, the "normal tradition" for a bachelor party is becoming less popular.  If this applies to you- make sure you keep this clear with your Best Man. This can be an opportunity to make some great memories with your buddies doing what you love to do, or having an adventure.


 Here are some ideas!


Bach Party Adventure :

  • Extreme sports  Skydiving and bungee jumping are options if you want to push the limits of sanity. If you want to try something a little less heart attack-inducing, theres always paintball. No? Okay, laser tag?


  • Golf Trip  Always wanted to take a weekend golf trip? This could be the ideal time to make that wish a reality. Your bachelor party is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so why not play a once-in-a-lifetime golf course? Some top public golf courses courses you can plan a trip to are: Pebble Beach (CA), Pinehurst (NC), Shadow Creek (NV), TPC Sawgrass (FL) or the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail (Southeast US). Of course, you can always plan a 36-hole affair in your hometown as well.


  • Water Sports  A weekend at the lake can provide adventure and still give you some time to kick back and get your drink on. Popular water sports are waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing. Just make sure the driver of the boat is sober and can make you do this!


  • Mountain climbing - Has anything ever looked so scary as this (click)? Unless you're a professional or you do this kind of thing on a regular basis, what we recommend is more of a hike. If Mt. Everest isn't in your price range, there's some great mountain climbing right here in the states. Consider California, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina or up-state New York.


  • Motor Sports  NASCAR Experience Weekend, 4-wheeling, dune buggying, get the picture.


  • Ski Trip  If your wedding is in the winter, a ski trip can be a great time. If Aspen isn't in your budget, don't worry. Most large cities in the U.S. have a local skiing destination complete with fake snow and beginners' classes. They may even offer special group packages for your bachelor party.


  • Road Trip:  Arrange a road trip. Find out the groom's favorite weekend destination and reserve a hotel, condo, or campground. On the pricier side, trips to cities such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Cancun are always a great time. Just remember that bashes like these can sometimes exclude those with busy schedules or who are a bit strapped for cash.


Bach Party Relaxation:

  • Try organizing a golf trip. This can be a fun option for including the dads, uncles, cousins and any other relatives the groom may want to invite. Find out the groom's favorite golf course and call in advance to set up a tee time for the entire group. A nice touch would be to cover the greens fees for the groom and the dads. If you have players with a wide range of experience levels, try playing best ball to help level the playing field.


  • Is the groom a card shark? Reserve a hotel room at a local casino and the group can gamble, eat and drink all evening. The bonus is having a place to stay at the end of a long night of partying.


  • If the groom is a fisherman? Do you live on one of the coasts or near a lake or river? Chartering a fishing boat can be fun. It's a no-brainer for grooms who love fishing. But even if all of the guys aren't fishermen, most people can quickly learn the basics.


  • Beach nearby? How about a weekend in Ocean City, MD? Relax on the beach, have a few beers, play some volleyball.


  • Is the groom an upscale man? What about a visit to New York, DC, Downtown Baltimore for the weekend. Visit some museums, have some amazing cuisine and go to a club or five.