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The Tux & Suit


Custom Suits


Christopher Schafer Clothiers***

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1400 Aliceanna St,

Baltimore, MD 21231

(410) 404-5131


Studio Suits

linen, suits, and more...

{Tailored to purchase at a low cost}


J. Crew



Cohen’s Clothiers

64 Cranbrook Rd,

Cockeysville, MD 21030

(410) 666-8020


Jos A Bank

Rent or buy

*They often have buy a suit, get 2+ free deals!




Tuxedo House***

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2135-37 Greenspring Drive

 Timonium MD 21093

(410) 252-6220  


Men's Warehouse

{to rent with incentives for a free groom's suit

rental and credit, buy one get one free, and more}

Locations:  10 stores in a 100 mile radius


Jos A Bank

Rent or buy

*They often have buy a suit, get 2+ free deals!




To buy or rent:

If you are having a formal wedding, consider buying a tuxedo. Most rental tuxedos are of moderate quality. Purchasing a tux now will save you money in the long run for future weddings and for formal events. You will also have a better fitting, tailored tux.


Do you buy or rent your tuxedo? The best way to decide is to ask yourself whether or not you see yourself attending a lot of Black-Tie events in the future. If you see yourself in this position, buying a tuxedo is probably the best decision. A tuxedo that is purchased can be tailored to your specifications. This makes for a tux that will fit and look a whole lot better. On the other hand, if you don’t see yourself attending anything that requires a tuxedo, renting is your best choice.


Pros of Renting:


  • Cheap

  • Finding a tuxedo to rent is fairly easy

  • Lack of selection makes decisions easier to narrow down.

  • Potential groomsmen don’t need to search for tuxedos on their own.

  • Practical- No uses in buying a tuxedo you’re only going to wear once.

  • One Stop Shopping: You can shop for rental shoes and tuxedos all at one location.

  •  Easy to Match tux with Groomsmen’s tux’s

Cons of Renting:

  • Lack of selection

  • A lot of rental stores carry tuxedos that can look outdated or cheap

  • Tuxedos can’t be tailored to suit your body type



Pros to Buying a tuxedo:


  • Wider selection is available for purchase

  • A tuxedo can be tailored to fit your body type

  • Retail stores carry more contemporary styles and cuts

  • Stores often carry tuxedos of a higher quality

  • If you plan on attending a lot of functions where a tuxedo is required, then buying is your best option.


Cons to Buying a tuxedo:

  • Shopping for a tuxedo can be time consuming. Shopping at multiple stores, tailoring the suit to fit your needs, not being able to find the right shoes, etc.

  • Quality tuxedos are often very expensive. (but amazingggggg)

  • Impractical- buying a tuxedo you only plan on wearing once doesn’t make much sense.




Ask your lady to come along to several Suit and Tux Shops for a try-on session. This will allow her to give an opinion on the style of tuxedo that best compliments her dress.

Consider giving your guys a break and choose a standard black tux with or without a certain vest and tie for them. That way they can wear their own tux if they own one. If you go with matching vests and ties, they can be rented separately. Set yours apart from your groomsmen and choose a different color tie and/or vest from the rest of your groomsmen.


If you choose to have your groomsmen wear the exact same tuxedo, Set up a time to get fitted formalwear. If they are coming from different parts of the country, choosing a national chain may make this easier for your boys. Some chains offer websites that allow your guys to enter in their sizes.


Any formal wear rental chain can meet any particular needs you might have. Just make sure there is a store located close to the wedding location so items can be picked up and returned easily. This can avoid groomsmen having to bring their rented tuxs on the plane and having them wrinkled on the wedding day.




Regardless of whether you wear a suit or a tuxedo, you’re going to need new shoes. Shine ‘em up at a shoe shiner near you!

If wearing a suit, your belt should be the same color as the shoes.

A tux does not require a belt. Don’t even try it. If you’ve lost weight, go with suspenders.


The Tux shoes:

Patent-leather shoes are the standard, but definitely not necessary. A brand new pair of black leather shoes, newly shined will also work and may be more comfortable for the hours of dancing ahead. Rental companies will charge you an additional fee for usually low quality patent-leather shoes. Consider wearing your own new black shoes instead.

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