It is extremely important to look over contracts in depth before signing. If you do not understand something, ASK. Ask as many questions as you need, as many times as you need.   Send us a copy to look over for you if we are not there with you.   Make sure every detail is included on the contract especially the following:




The name of the person who will be at your wedding. ie: event coordinator for caterer. If you are booking a DJ through a big company, make sure you are getting the specific DJ you met with. )

Time: Start-End

Any charges for Linens, Rentals, etc.

# of Staff and their charges

Service Charges! (another word for gratuity charges)

Total! Tax, Charges, EVERYTHING included>>>TOTAL!  You do not want any surprises.


  • Never underestimate the power of negotiation!  Ask for anything free to throw in, champagne toast and cake from the caterer, extra hours and a free parent's album from the photographer.  Any time of the year, ask, but especially if you are getting married in a non-wedding season, or a day other than Saturday. These things can easily get thrown in to seal the deal in if you ask. 


  • Caterer-See if you can supply your own wine & spirits to save money.


  • Always, Always, Always get a detailed receipt for the deposit!


  • Try to make all payments on credit cards. This protects you in case the vendor goes out of business or there is a problem.


  • Cancellation Policies: If possible, make sure to work this clause into contracts with all vendors & venues, especially the venue and caterer! It protects you and your investment: 

 "In the event of cancellation the deposit is completely refundable, provided that the vendor books another event of the same or greater value on the same date. If not, and the wedding is cancelled two months or more in advance of the date of the affair, the deposit may be transferred to another party or occasion if reserved one year of the date of this contract."